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There was no evidence that Zehaf-Bibeau had ever been in direct contact with Daesh, and even those evildoers claimed only that their movement had "inspired" the suicidal rampage of violence in Ottawa.
The show, Aliens, Immigrants & Other Evildoers, cultivates a "sci-fi Latino noir genre-bending aesthetic that satirizes the governmental status of the immigrant/foreigner as an 'alien," Torres-Tama says.
Inevitably, leaders of democratic nations can be agitated to resort to extreme measures, such as torturing suspected terrorists, that resemble the acts of the evildoers themselves.
The screenplay does nothing to illuminate any of the three parties: The Taliban are the evildoers, the Frenchmen the self-sacrificing military heroes, and the little-seen local population an exotic bunch caught in the middle.
More generally, the actions of evildoers are often inexplicable, unsupported by the kind of reason that is embedded in the logic of means and ends, and, thus, assume the appearance of gratuitous destruction--of violence for the sake of violence that does not spare the actors themselves.
We must continue to work together to ensure that isolated evildoers do not succeed.
Therefore, he uses his prodigious engineering skills to construct an even more impressive weapon, a hi-tech armoured suit, which he uses to blow up any evildoers who happen to drift across his path.
King Ahab and his co-conspirator Jezebel qualify as "bloodthirsty and deceitful" evildoers who are clearly adversaries of Naboth in their quest for his land that eventually requires his life.
Unfortunately an accused involved in a child abuse case often undergoes a minor punishment for his heinous act after proving guilty in the court," they maintained, adding that there should be strict laws inflicting exemplary punishment on such evildoers.
Not actually nine evildoers but the duo of Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy, their musical flavour comprises of multiple influences such as post punk, italio disco, electro, classic power ballads, techno, krautrock, yacht rock, hip hop & 80s electronic movie soundtracks.
For far too long we have witnessed justice meted out to those at the bottom while the real evildoers, those with the power, remain unscathed.
Citizens and expatriates were also urged to be on alert and co-ordinate with security agencies to pre-empt evildoers and help foil their stratagems.