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EVOCATION, French law. The act by which a judge is deprived of the cognizance of a suit over which he had jurisdiction, for the purpose of conferring on other judges the power of deciding it. This is done with us by writ of certiorari.

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Rhymes with Silver is workmanlike in the best, most joyous sense of work well done, intelligently wrought, sometimes soulful, sometimes cheery, an evocation of the spice and variety of life.
Throughout the installation, and in spite of the fact that human presence was only restored by the visitor, it was a question of symbolic exchanges, reinforced by the evocation of a specific social context, namely, the market: exchanges between one place and another (Mali and Paris, market and gallery), between people and places (homes, cultures, tombs), and finally directly between people (markers, bits of language).
Among the most effective episodes are the evocation of Pip, the cabin boy, taking a tumble overboard into the heart of God's mechanical creation.
The information in one elucidates that of the others, and the evocation of the style emerges as a gradual, essential process.
Le dirigeant palestinien Mahmoud Abbas a prevenu hier jeudi qu'il tenait pour un "engagement" du President americain Barack Obama son evocation a la tribune des Nations unies.
Brenda Chamberlain's contemplative account of her life among the peasants on the Greek island of Ydra in the early 1960s is a gorgeous evocation that holds you from the first startling sentence, as Shani Rhys-James points out in a foreword that is resonant with admiration.
a "safer place to live," despite their obvious xenophobia and the evocation of the Spanish word for cockroach.
Brilliantly executed, the performance was distinguished by slowly mounting power, lushness and rich evocation.
Both male and female YAs will be able to relate to it, and the tale's brevity and evocation of strong emotions will give it appeal to reluctant readers as well.
A primary source work of occult manuscripts, illustrated with black- and-white charts and diagrams, A Treatise on Angel Magic includes the hierarchies of fallen angels, evocation of the Nature Spirits, and John Dee's Enochian system of Angel conjuration.
A wistful evocation of the many facets of Alaska's soul.
4), the evocation of sounds by Franz Liszt (Cloches du soir) and the innovative concepts of harmony and timbre developed by Edvard Grieg (Klokkenklang).