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EVOCATION, French law. The act by which a judge is deprived of the cognizance of a suit over which he had jurisdiction, for the purpose of conferring on other judges the power of deciding it. This is done with us by writ of certiorari.

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Kevin Ware, Heather Tietsort, and Shannon Mitchell put across her evocations of carnal hunger and betrayal with poise, precision, and great dramatic intensity.
The abstraction and the manner in which solid forms are massed, cut and stacked recall Gill's pueblo evocations. Contrapuntal planes of sunwashed colours, soft against brilliance of grass and flowers, evoke southerly latitudes -- and Barragan's abstract deployment of desert colours.
These evocations of both historical and individual memory were followed by a large, absolutely empty room illuminated by daylight.
But the world has altered, and now these evocations have an old-fashioned resonance.
These ranged from Guillermo Kuitca's two large canvases, broody evocations of loss, displacement, and obliteration, to Kendell Geers's artfully arranged heap of sixty flashing red emergency beacons (Cry Wolf, 1999).
Drummer did not require displays of bravura, but rather clear evocations of the pathos and inevitability of disaster.
Anyone wondering why should look at his early work, with its ecstatic evocations of peasant life, a world suddenly seen as the crucible of an entirely new visual language.
For in their wake one could not help but view the corporate corridors as afterimages of the heightened phenomenological spaces constructed by Minimalist practice, the workers' slow march of drudgery as evocations of the bodily performances that such spaces required.