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I videotaped groups in Cape Town, Stellenbosh, Johannesberg, and in the rural areas outside of Durban as they studied together and performed evokers for each other.
He warns against the limiting view of "Victorian science," reminding the reader of a "far saner eighteenth-century attitude, which viewed nature as a mirror for philosophers, an evoker or emotion, as a pleasure, a poem.
During the pattern appraisal process, the researcher acted as a facilitator, clarifier, and evoker as a means to allow the participant's depictions of dispiritedness to unfold.
There are multiple evokers of intense emotion: the public scrutiny of standing in front of a classroom; the fear of not being liked and respected by students; the vulnerability that comes with awareness of how students, administrators, and cooperating teachers routinely judge your performance; the anxiety that comes when you are teaching a subject where your own understanding is incomplete; or the discomfort that comes from having to make rapid-fire and uncertain decisions, whether in disciplining a student, correcting a student, asking a question, or adapting a lesson on the fly.
Rienzi's legacy was a fable for later Romantic evokers of Roman and Italian greatness -- he was seen, despite his vanities and excesses, as a would-be liberator and invigorator of the Eternal City.
Cinnamon is one of the strongest evokers of childhood nostalgia," he added.