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Nevertheless, the power of Vestiges is not singular, and similar accounts can be told of other literary endeavors ranging from Thackeray to Dickens to later evolutionary theorists such as Charles Darwin.
She put on the title page of her 2008 work The Naked Darwinist the quotation from famed philosopher Daniel Dennett: "During the last few years, when I have found myself in the company of distinguished biologists, evolutionary theorists, paleoanthropologists and other experts, I have often asked them just to tell me, please, exactly why Elaine Morgan must be wrong about the aquatic theory.
But if the child should die, the evolutionary theorist will be perfectly dumbfounded by the spectacle of grief likely to ensue, seeing that it confers no selective advantage on the bereaved: "there is a debate whether grief per se is adaptive at all since it can no longer assist the dead child.
The married couple co-star in Creation, the biopic of evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin and his devoutly Christian spouse Emma.
A typical evolutionary theorist might begin with speculations based on recent findings by experimental psychologists about human perception.
Evolutionary theorist Alastair Clarke says eight patterns cover all jokes - anywhere in the world.
Ellen Dissanayake, an evolutionary theorist of the arts, offers an example.
One evolutionary theorist, Oliver Curry, predicts that in the distant future, the human race will split into two distinct species: uglies and pretties.
It reminded me of Paul Broca, the eminent nineteenth-century evolutionary theorist who believed that a "prognathous" (i.
Stephen Jay Gould, perhaps the most widely recognized recent evolutionary theorist, was strongly influenced by Levins and Lewontin, and was, in his own right, a key figure in developing a dialectal view of the evolutionary process.
That view was shared by the late left-wing evolutionary theorist Stephen Jay Gould, who disparaged Dennett as a "Darwinian fundamentalist.
The Birmingham Post, April 1953 Tim Curry is 57 todayAlso on this day: 1775: The American Civil Warbegan after General Cage fired on a small crowd at Lexington; 1843: The gas meter was patented by Carl Ludwig Farwig; 1882: Pioneering evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin died; 1883: The Liverpool Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was formed; 1933: The United States went off the gold standard; 1938: Death of poet Sir Henry Newbolt; 1951: Eric Morley devised the Miss World beauty contest.

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