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This is the best a secular evolutionist can hope for.
Richards reiterates Lewis's point that dogmatic evolutionists, by privileging their own dogma, are actually making metaphysical arguments.
In fact, many evolutionists are quite clear that evolution does not provide a basis for morality.
Much to the dismay of evolutionists, there is a huge amount of evidence coming through to back up the creationist view.
While I don't share such criticisms, evolutionists should be more openly critical of any simplistic effort to reduce literary meaning to behavioral universals rather than openly accept them as kindred efforts in an upstart field.
Thus ethnographic observations of present-day "savages," evolutionists assumed, provided essential insights into the prehistory of civilized man.
While many people in the general public may not be strict evolutionists or young-earth creationists, results of several surveys conducted from 1982 to 2004, in which 44-55% of Americans agreed that God created human beings in their present form, suggest that a substantial percentage hold creationist views (New York Times/CBS 2004, Verhey 2005).
Evolutionists and creationists concur: organisms exhibit design--other words for this concept are organization, complexity, pattern, plan, order, coherence (a Behe favorite), and non-randomness.
Roll over Charles Darwin and tell those musical evolutionists the news - there's yet more Sheffield Monkeys beside the Arctic variety.
With other researchers, thinkers, psychologists and even evolutionists at the end of the 19th century, he investigated psychic ability, fortune-telling, communicating with the dead and other paranormal phenomena.
By reducing the great prophets and saints as well as little mosquitoes to simply molecular structures evolutionists think that they do not have to talk about the greater coming out of the lesser.