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And this explains why evolutionists are those most stubborn dogmatists, people who will never, ever consider that God might have initiated and guided evolution, if indeed that's what happened.
As such, the book produces a very readable description of what "we" look like to scientists who do not have a faith in God; whether "we" are young earth creationists (YEC), intelligent design (ID) proponents, or theistic evolutionists (or anything between).
As a religious evolutionist, Teilhard erroneously claimed that everything is "becoming" and evolving, including God.
Evolutionists don't derive morals from Stone Age biological and cultural adaptations.
And Olson is quite right that evolutionists have done a poor job of communicating their arguments to the public.
These same evolutionists have not dared face the fact that Information Technology (IT) has now proved to be the nail in the coffin of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
Why should our ideas be censured when Darwinism (the evolutionist and humanist god) is promoted and taught as fact?
Although they have been very much attacked by evolutionists, they have recourse to this mathematical argument: according to the mathematical theory of information, you can never get out of the box "A" more information than you put into it.
Evolutionists might better articulate their thesis by following Dawkins' usage [in his Selfish Gene] where he introduces the concept of a replicator, which is essentially an otherwise-unspecified molecule that "can copy itself" but for which ".
On the quality, of Gould's thought, opinion among his peers was divided, negative predominant, John Maynard Smith, a principal among leading evolutionists, said famously that "Because of the excellence of his essays, he [Gould] has come to be seen by non-biologists as the preeminent evolutionary theorist.
Where Darwin Meets the Bible: Creationists and Evolutionists in America.