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According to Oneil Villasin QA/QC in charge of EWW said a lot of care has gone into the product development.
The price for EWW could be adjusted, subject to clearance by Ruukkia[euro](tm)s independent investors, with the maximum consideration to be paid set at up to EUR20m, the buyer said.
"When a lot of people think about creepy crawlies they think 'eww' so it's nice to have insects highlighted in a positive way.
"Eww," Beckey Neal said as she examined the unpleasant candle color she had just created.
"Campers would tell their friends about their day on the range and someone would say, 'Eww, you shot a gun!' The camper would excitedly say 'Yes!', show their friends the targets, talk about how they improved and how much fun it was.
The content is organized into an introduction, four chapters on different age groups ("What's That Thing?--Talking to Your Toddler," "Did You Eat That Baby?--Talking to Your Preschooler," "Eww, That's So Gross!--Talking to Your 6-9-Year Old," "I Don't Want to Talk About It--Talking to Your Preteen") followed by a chapter with questions and answers.
The transaction, concluded by its subsidiary E.ON Energy, covers 100% of the Wesertal (EWW) factory producing electricity and gas as well as the distribution activities of Fortum in Germany.
"Eww, gross!" thought many Americans as they read about the United Kingdom's mad-cow epidemic--all the while contentedly chewing their own hamburgers.
Additionally, the sector composition of EWW is rate-sensitive.
Contract award notice: Eww - city traffic wels (austria-wels: Public road transport services)