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Her sharp wit and terrific prose rush the story along, pulling the reader along with it, even at times--Cheryl's ferocious fantasies, creeping grunge, squishy encounters with snails--when in less gifted hands, gentle reader might go Ewww.
The new data reported here consisted of coding all of the child and parent videotapes for instances of vocal disgust (words--yuck, disgusting, gross, foul, poo; and sounds--pfaw, urgh, ewww, argh, phew), laughter (which we included as this might be used instead of disgust-related vocalizations to mask embarrassment), and avoidant gestures (movement/s away from, hiding from and shooing/brushing away from the stimulus).
50) See Table A: Financial Perspective EU-15, ewww.
com), with teens having to dip their hands into covered boxes to guess what's inside (cold spaghetti, pudding, peeled grapes, ewww - you get the idea).
EWWW," I exclaimed when I saw Angelina Jolie's leg doing its own Oscars pose.
However, figures from price comparison webs it ewww.