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Former North Wales Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate Mark Young, who spotted details of the ex gratia payment to Ms Stone in the Older People's Commissioner's annual accounts said: "I think it's disgraceful that public money has been spent in this way, especially when services affecting older people and the rest of the community are being cut across Wales.
However, to postulate the argument for ex gratia payments is inappropriate as it could introduce a new compensation culture based on the loosest of principles.
In another case in NSW, Douglas Harry Rendell, convicted and exonerated for murder, served eight years in prison and received AUD 100,000 through an ex gratia payment, (91) AUD 12,500 per year imprisoned without reimbursement for legal expenses.
The Government has given an undertaking to the women involved to keep the amount of the ex gratia payments confidential.
The company can put a value on what they think the extra effort was worth and this may or may not meet with your approval as an ex gratia payment.
Mrs Dodd's solicitor Glyn Maddocks said he has written to the trusts to inform them the widow would not be taking legal action, but asking for an ex gratia payment given the criticisms made.
But they did offer Margaret an ex gratia payment of pounds 1000 which she accepted.
The cash was offered as an ex gratia payment to support Mr Tinnion's daughter and would not set a precedent for the unmarried partners of servicemen killed in future action, he said.
Regarding the payment by the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund (PWIF) of the shortfall in ex gratia payment on severance payment (SP) to claimants, a spokesman for the Labour Department today (June 1) stated that the PWIF Board has thus far received some 680 claims of this nature and processed 660 claims, with payment of the shortfall made to 497 claimants.
An ex gratia payment of Rs one lakh has also been announced by the State Government to the kin of each of the deceased.
But I understand an ex gratia payment of pounds 15,000 per man has been proposed, in the event of a Springbok triumph, to reward a group of players who have captured the hearts of the nation over the past month.
Frail William Geary won a life-long fight to restore his reputation after Justice Chief John O'Donoghue handed him a belated annual pension of pounds 17,000 and a lump sum ex gratia payment of pounds 50,000.