Ex aequo et bono

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EX AEQUO ET BONO. In equity and good conscience. A man is bound to pay money which ex oequo et bono he holds for the use of another.

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3 of the BAT Arbitration Rules), and the underlying BAT Arbitration Rules provide for the dispute to be decided not on the basis of any national legal system but ex aequo et bono, i.
It is worth noting that based on past experience, had a national legal system been applied instead of a ruling ex aequo et bono, the BAT arbitration awards would have turned out differently in only a few exceptional cases, and even then only marginally differently.
3 Those factors which lead to significant simplification and expediting effects in BAT proceedings (single arbitrators, hearing only upon request, ex aequo et bono, computer-aided proceedings) could also be sensibly used in a number of non sports-related arbitration proceedings.
The arbitrator and CAS upon appeal shall decide the dispute ex aequo et bono.
Likewise, time is saved by the fact that the dispute is decided on an ex aequo et bono basis-in other words, by applying general rules of justice and fairness, including, of course, the rule of due process-obviating the need to refer to any particular national or International law.