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73) Inter partes reexamination proceedings were very similar to ex parte reexamination with the exception of third-party participation.
Today, ex parte reexamination is not the only, or even the most popular, administrative option for challenging the validity of issued patents.
Because the PTAB handles both IPRs and ex parte reexaminations, the IPR and the ex parte reexamination could be consolidated for efficiency's sake.
Ex Parte Reexamination, Post-Grant Review, and Inter Partes Review Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office
See Scope of Reexamination in Ex Parte Reexamination Proceedings, 37 C.
On the opposite side, if an ex parte reexamination is requested after litigation has begun, the Director will not approve the petition until a stay is issued.
Instituting an ex parte reexamination presents a viable strategy for a party seeking to invalidate an issued patent, even in the face of a CNS.
The authors also assert that the use of ex parte reexamination, instigated by the courts and administered by the USPTO, is an equally compelling means to resolve this issue.