ex rel

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ex rel.

conj. abbreviation for Latin ex relatione, meaning "upon being related" or "upon information," used in the title of a legal proceeding filed by a state attorney general (or the federal Department of Justice) on behalf of the government, on the instigation of a private person, who needs the state to enforce the rights of himself/herself and the public. For example, the caption would read: The State of Tennessee ex rel. Archie Johnson v. Hardy Products.

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2) In the start of a shift of perspective nearly 20 years later, the court in State ex rel.
60) Wolff then petitioned the Supreme Court of Missouri in State ex rel.
The Supreme Court of Missouri examined the interaction of these venue laws in the case of State ex rel.
8] In fact, the Supreme Court denied certiorari on the issue of the constitutionality of relator prosecuted qui tam lawsuits in United States ex rel.
15) In support of its position, Hanrahan utilized the Missouri Supreme Court's statutory interpretation of the definition of a MIRA "asset" as announced in the case of State ex rel.