Ex takes cats that are not hers

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Country: United States of America
State: California

While living with my girl friend I purchased to pedigree kittens for our enjoyment. Since we have split up(9'05). I took the cats with me. After a month (late October '05) I called my x-girl friend and asked if she would like to enjoy taking care of them for a month and I would make arrangements to pick them up after I returned from vacation at the beginning of the next(early December '05)month. She agreed and picked them up. She then refused to give them back to me and to make matters worst she has moved (late December '05)and taken the cats with her and I do not know where she lives now. I beleive still in the local area. What is the best way to proceed so I can get my cats back?


You can file a police report for theft and/or sue in small claims...