Ex-landloard making threats

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Country: South Africa
State: All States/Provinces

I need help and advice regarding Defamation of Character. Someone has been making verbal and written statements about me, and has threatened to do me harm. This person got a copy of my key and went into my home when I was at work without permission. The police have done nothing about it. They say I have no case, even though he entered my home illegally. Some items went missing. It's a long story but the man is my ex-landlord and since my moving out he has not only not paid me back my deposit but he has been slandering me on an ongoing basis. He had let himself into my home before and broken items in my home. I cannot prove it as I did not catch him, but he is the only person who had a motive and a key.


Sometimes you have to push the police a little to make them act; or you could file suit and sue for damages if you are sure he is involved.
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