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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Muhammad Idrees told The Nation that Jaziba is an ex-student and she has nothing to do with the university now.
Ms Maria, ex-student of Prof Dilshad, said she had received great inspiration from her poet-teacher not only during her study days, but also during her preparation for the competitive examination.
The Baylor Ex-Students Association experienced an identity transformation during the 1940s.
Of all his accomplishments, Bingham was perhaps most proud of being named the Outstanding Ex-Student of Spur High School on the anniversary year of the class of 1948 at their 60th Spur Homecoming in 2008.
Reportedly, the perpetrator was an ex-student of the teacher.
Scottish National Party ex-student Ms Black called the claps ban "senseless".
Every Friday lunchtime Simon Balle School library hosts an invited guest speaker, perhaps ex-student, member of school staff or more often now a volunteer student who, using a variety of formats, talks on a topic of their interest followed by a short question and answer session.
The school welcomed ex-student and Huddersfield Town centre forward Jon Stead, and Schools Link official Andy Booth, to present a plaque to establish a school partnership link with the club.
The Emmy award-winning drama, chronicling the rise and fall of the crystal meth empire created by high school chemistry teacher Walt (Bryan Cranston) and his ex-student Jesse (Aaron Paul) gripped TV audiences, building to a dramatic resolution that had critics churning out the superlatives.
From left: Top student Aiden Thomas; Romy Hartshore (animal care); Dafydd Williams (agriculture); Megan Hodgson (equine) ABOVE, from left: Andrew Williamson (countryside management); Margaret Jones (animal management); Meirion Jones (engineering ); Gwion Ellis-Jones (agriculture); Ceredig Jones (level 2); and Ilan Rhys Jones and Posie Owen (shearing cup) Pictures: ARWYN ROBERTS ABOVE, from left: Llion Wyn Owen (ex-student); Nicola Vince (improved); Alun Povey (forestry) ABOVE: Dafydd Evans (improved); Llinos Evans (warden); Richard Jones (school) ABOVE, from left: Tanya Griffiths (equine); Dion Thomas (learner); Kayleigh Watson (living skills); Gareth Wyn Jones (countryside); Osian Wyn Jones (machinery project)
He was an ex-student of Quaid-e-Azam University and had links with robber Nanu Goureaya, he added.
Working with "Dag" Nabbit, an ex-student of his and now a member of the Secret Service, Lammeck finds himself hunting a brilliant and lethal assassin, who soon makes Lammeck his prey.