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Productivity-based excess profit incentives" can be designed for small businesses by qualified management consulting experts.
government erred (and incorrectly fixed the PIE ratio at nine) or that the Supreme Court erred in dismissing the argument that the windfall tax is a tax on value rather than excess profit.
RBC Daily reported this morning that in order to address this issue, the government is considering the introduction of an excess profit tax for the oil industry.
Multiplying this differential by the number of prescriptions in the Medicare plan reveals the excess profits earned by the industry for each drug--in just one year of the program.
Line 1 of Schedule H (Current Earnings and Profits) currently requires taxpayers to submit the "[c]urrent year net income or loss before any reduction for any income, war profits, and excess profits taxes.
As previously disclosed, on May 19, 2008 AmCOMP received a Notice of Intent to Issue Order to Return Excess Profit (the "2008 Notice") from the Florida OIR, and subsequent to the 2008 Notice, AmCOMP's insurance subsidiaries, AmCOMP Assurance and AmCOMP Preferred, through counsel, filed a Petition for Administrative Hearing Involving Disputed Issues of Fact with the Florida OIR, challenging the 2008 Notice.
Hill said the town is treating the violation as a breach of contract: Under contract law, the regulatory agreement's formula in place when the contract was signed - which resulted in a purported $17 million excess profit - would be the appropriate measure.
May 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AmCOMP Incorporated today announced that it received a Notice of Intent to Issue Order to Return Excess Profit from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FOIR).
This is extra excess profit for those companies that are greedy, and don't need that extra profit.
Any excess profit must be paid to the federal government.
The Kyrgyz government plans to levy excess profit tax as part of its Safety and Decent Life Project, the Prime Minister said.
FTCR has urged Congress and state government to update price-gouging laws to account for such excess profit taking at the refinery level, rather than just at the retail level.