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There will be mechanisms in the new approach that will operate similar to a concession, to ensure that excess profit is reinvested back into the transport system here in Wales, incentivising choice and driving down costs for the passenger.
According to the Commission, this principle requires that any excess profits reflect economic reality and be taxed where they arise.
Penalties or remedies to the violation include "the imposition of price controls, issuance of injunctions, requirement of divestment or disgorgement of excess profits and imposition of fines and penalties.
In fact, the Supreme Court was willing to rearrange the foreign tax formula to demonstrate that the tax was economically equivalent to an excess profits tax--a clear rejection of the legalistic approach
We have even seen evidence of excess profits being priced into projects from the start.
You suggest that taxes should be levied on excess profits of mobile operators.
5] An additional "declared value" excess profits tax, based on
It is also inherent in our previous assertion that monopoly rent, which includes both the resource rent and excess profits, exceeds the resource rent obtained in the competitive market.
Newspaper reports said an excess profits tax would effectively act as a charge on bank cashflow - thought to be a way to raise significant amounts from banks without distorting the financial system.
In the article, Hodges mentioned this excess profits law for workers' compensation.
7) Over that four-year period, corporate income tax rates had more than doubled from nineteen percent to forty percent and Congress had enacted a new excess profits tax at rates topping out at ninety-five percent.