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Seated on the dais with Patil and Pranab will be Vice- President Hamid Ansari Patil and Pranab will exchange seats and he would be seated in the President's chair.
lt;p>Microsoft officials acknowledged that Panasonic is indeed dropping Exchange, but said the total number of Exchange seats the company has represents less than 5% of its workforce.
Morgan Keegan's first-quarter earnings climbed to $41 million, including a $9 million after-tax gain on the swap of New York Stock Exchange seats for stock.
When he offered to exchange seats to let her husband sit beside her she reluctantly agreed but instantly regretted telling him that her hubby was even on board.
Beckett's script narrates the interaction of three gossips, who enter and exit, exchange seats, and cross hands in serial combinations.
Season-ticket holders wanting to switch must exchange seats in advance of match day by sending voucher 13 to the ticket office.