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Earlier, Storey seemed to have taken command in the open on Rainbow Times, but Jimmy Walton never gave up on Alnwick winner Excise Man, eventually sweeping past at the second-last.
Despite his commitments as a farmer, excise man, husband, father and lover, he managed to produce a prodigious amount of work before his early death at the age of 37.
Today duty is the money you pay the excise man for your alcohol.
Cumbrian permit-holder John Dixon turned the clock back half a century when the home-bred Jumbo's Dream galloped home in the three-mile handicap hurdle to initiate a double for Brian Storey, successful 30 minutes later on Excise Man, writes Gordon Brown.
Insulted, Monaughty Man duly followed Excise Man home, last of eight finishers.
Does he really think that if such betting ever became large-scale or systematic in a pub it could not be detected immediately by either the landlord-who would fear for the loss of his licence-or, if the landlord himself could possibly have been persuaded to collude, by any off-duty copper, never mind plain clothes Customs and Excise man, who happened to drop in for a quick half?