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Without adequate and timely repolarization, the excitation-contraction coupling sequence will become dysfunctional, leading to abnormal contraction.
Eccentric exercise- induced morphological changes in the membrane systems involved in excitation-contraction coupling in rat skeletal muscle.
In the absence of blood lactate an impairment of the excitation-contraction coupling has been suggested to be responsible for the changes in MDF [44] and the selective injury of the fast twitch fibers after eccentric exercise [45].
Thus, the performance of unaccustomed exercise results in mechanical disruption to the cellular structure of muscle (43) that changes the excitation-contraction coupling system (33).
Caffeine's ergogenic effect could be explained by (i) a reduction of the sensation of fatigue induced by exercise [2], (ii) an enhancement of the excitation-contraction coupling [3] and (iii) a stimulation of the central nervous system [4].
Both scenarios would result in impaired excitation-contraction coupling such that less force is generated for each individual membrane excitation.