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At the application stage the inventor "dicker[s] with the [Patent Office] to obtain an expansive exclusory right; and in litigation the parties try to convince the court to construe the claims in their favor." Seymore, Heightened Enablement, supra note 25, at 128-29.
(128) Society must pay for this information; it does so with the twenty years of exclusory rights conferred by the patent grant.
Though indeed isolated acts, these policings, at the level of form, also belong to a series of exclusory acts: a tradition that recognizes the paid over the unpaid, the necessary over the superfluous, the active over the passive, the speaking over the silent, the mobile over the paralyzed, and so on--a tradition that recognizes those materials participating in the A position of these binaries as more meaningful, as richer in life, expression, and signification.
The 'human' evoked here is a specific and exclusory concept; as Pugliese makes clear in State Violence and the Execution of Law (Pugliese 2013, p.
Chadwick Allen has written an inclusive, rather than exclusory work, while consistently challenging those approaches that 'ignore Indigenous knowledges and [...] subsume and erase Indigenous histories within settler constructions' (p.
Secondly, he describes how the patient alternates between evoking overwhelming excitations, on the one hand, and deadened exclusory boredom on the other.
Most contributors combined their observations regarding instances of an exclusory identity politics found in churches with showing the theological implications of such stances.
This alliance was formed reluctantly due to their exclusory strategy.
Due to processes of racialization and exclusory discourses and codes of belonging, the dominant and hegemonic cartography of mexicanidad has displaced and dislocated not only the notion of afromexicanidad, but also that of blackness beyond the nation's geo-political and bio-political borders.
(259) This statement demonstrates that Feldman JA has an exclusory outcome in mind.
Many of the practices in mathematics classrooms can be exclusory for some students, particularly for those whose language is not that of the formal language found within schools and mathematics classrooms (Moschkovich, 2007; Zevenbergen, 2000).
My aim is to show how theology comes to bear upon the 'question of the animal' and brings to light some of the difficulties inherent in the secular discourse that dominates animal ethics and separates divine from intellectual governance, and the bipolarity that pushes ethics towards the sacral exclusory realms of ethical or biopolitical messianism.