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EXEAT, eccl. law. This is a Latin term, which is used to express the written permission which a bishop gives to an ecclesiastic to exercise the functions of his ministry in another diocese.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The order gave the mother sole custody of the child and the father a right of reasonable access, and included the aforementioned ne exeat clause directing that the child not be removed from Hong Kong without the leave of the court or the consent of the other parent.
[The authorities] hold that the doctrine of ne exeat does not create a right of custody, reasoning that, if it did, the effect would be to send the child to a parent who did not have custodial rights but merely a right to prevent the child from being removed to another jurisdiction.
The majority in Croll decided that a ne exeat clause (117) in a permanent foreign custody order did not confer custody rights on the noncustodial parent that would warrant return of a child under the Convention; the court expressly distinguished certain foreign cases in which return had been ordered on the basis that "temporary custody" had been "conditioned on non-removal of the child pending further proceedings." (118) In dissent, Judge Sotomayor rejected the distinction between interim and final orders; her opinion, however, must be understood in the context of her conclusion that the child's removal was wrongful because it breached the nonremoval clause in the foreign custody order.
EXEAT: The former top two-year-old gained his first victory for almost three years at Goodwood under Pat Eddery.
The 9-4 chance showed a glimmer of his former smart form to beat off the challenge of 10-11 favourite Exeat to win by three quarters of a length.
PSo to Fa-Eq, Enrique, Oriental, Carry The Flag, Exeat and a host of other useless nags, I thank you from the bottom of my pocket.
In effect, King William was invoking the privilege of Ne Exeat Regno.
Waddell (Harmondsworth, 1952), 196: `If anyone happens to be hiding here / who is not interested in strong wine / let him be shown the door / and leave this crowd ...' (si quis latitat hic forte / qui non curat vinum forte / ostendatur ilk porte / exeat ab hac cohorte ...).
Iouem) prouidentiam dicere, recte dices; est enim cuius consilio huic mundo prouidetur ut inoffensus exeat et actus suos explicet.
Information indicates that Augustina Ndaago had secured an exeat last Thursday to visit her parents, but failed to get home, raising suspicion of another case of kidnapping.
government can obtain a writ of ne exeat republica, which is a court order directing a person not to leave a particular jurisdiction in order to compel him to pay taxes [see U.S.