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EXEAT, eccl. law. This is a Latin term, which is used to express the written permission which a bishop gives to an ecclesiastic to exercise the functions of his ministry in another diocese.

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Epigram on a Suicide A B Patterson 1864 Australia Waltzing Matilda W B Yeates 1865 Ireland An Irish Airman Foresees Death Edward Robinson 1869 USA Richard Cory Robert Service 1874 Canada A Song of Suicide Siegfried Sassoon 1886 UK Suicide in the Trenches Dorothy Parker 1893 USA Rhyme Against Living Robert Graves 1895 UK Call it a Good Marriage Stevie Smith 1902 UK Exeat Louis MacNeice 1907 Ireland The Suicide A D Hope 1907 Australia A Commination Anne Sexton 1928 USA The Doctor of the Heart Sylvia Plath 1932 USA Electra on Azalea Path Paul Durcan 1944 Ireland Thinking About Suicide Lisa Zaran 1969 USA Leaves Table 2 Poets and poems arranged according to their apparent beliefs regarding the causal/trigger factors of suicide Poet Poem Category Plath Electra on A.
One positive factor is that American whiskey is a exeat value relative to other categories.
Ne exeat (Latin for "that he not depart" (56)) is "a restraint upon the common right of movement from place to place within the United States and upon emigration.
finding that the ne exeat right did not constitute a right of custody
Croll, in which she would have held that a ne exeat clause in a Hong Kong custody order vests "rights of custody" under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.
Urbanski - resembling a teenage Etonian out on exeat - exhibits a bright, precise but unshowy style of conducting; a style matched somewhat by soloist Peter Jablonski who delivered an accomplished performance in what was an at times energetic, at times delicate, yet ultimately a curiously unexciting interpretation of Chopin's second piano concerto.
nato date munera vestro et pater et genetrix, amborum nomen habenti: quisquis in hos fontes vir venerit, exeat inde semivtr et tactis subito mollescat in undis
Est sane, est quidam proprius bonorum actuum factorumque plausus, cuius sonus in orbem exeat et bene gestorum resultet gloria, est honesta saltatio, qua tripudiat animus, et bonis corpus operibus eleuatur, quando in salicibus organa nostra suspendimus.
law and internationally, that is, whether a parent's right of access coupled with a ne exeat clause, i.
Sabona, who just missed out in the Breeders' Cup Mile, Polish Patriot, Exeat and Cacoethes were all favourites, but he took a special shine to Cacoethes.
By virtue of the doctrine of patria potestas, [Petitioner], the father, had rights relating to the care of the person of the child, and, by virtue both of that doctrine and even more clearly by virtue of the doctrine of ne exeat, the right to determine that the child's place of residence would remain Venezuela rather than the United States.
Furthermore, proper treatment of the German court's order raises questions regarding the ne exeat, or nonremoval, clause and the military necessity exception included as conditions of the parties' custody order.