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Honorable Mention: Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Manisses Communications Group, Karienne Stovell, executive editor.
Goodykoontz was hired as a reporter in 1952, and stayed with the paper until he retired as executive editor in 1993.
Dan Crummett, executive editor of several publications for Farm Progress Companies, says, "The APS is one-stop shopping for writers and editors who wish to stay in contact with their friends and business associates.
After five years as executive editor of the Times, Masterson resigned from that job last year and moved to Harrison to work as communications director for American Freightways, a subsidiary of Federal Express.
Steven Gaydos, former managing editor in charge of special reports, has been promoted to executive editor and will share responsibilities with Elizabeth Guider, also an executive editor, for managing news coverage in Variety, Daily Variety and Daily Variety's Gotham edition.
Gregory Favre, executive editor of The Sacramento Bee and president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, says that "at least 50 percent of our newspapers and 75 percent of our television stations do not have full-time environmental reporters.
After leaving the NLJ in 1997 to work on computer publishing systems and freelance writing projects, Paonita joined Corporate Counsel in 2001 as senior editor and was promoted to executive editor of the magazine in 2002.
Robert Huschka has been named executive editor of the Detroit Free Press.
Before that, Briscoe was executive editor of the Beaver County Times, a job he held for 7-1/4 years.
It may not be too late to welcome our editor Professor Hidemitsu Ogawa for assuming the assistant executive editor last spring.
Harman was also the Director of Research for DAU's Curricula Development and Support Center (CDSC), in addition to serving as executive editor for the Defense ARJ.
Phil Bronstein, executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, sparked a national debate when he issued a memo on March 15 stating that city government reporter Rachel Gordon and photographer Liz Mangelsdorf had been taken off the same-sex marriage story after they were married at City Hall.

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