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An official copy of a document from public records, made in a form to be used as evidence, and authenticated or certified as a true copy.

Such a duplicate is also referred to as an exemplified copy or a certified copy.

See: case, clarification, comment, construction, corroboration, cross section, epitome, example, explanation, illustration, instance, sample

EXEMPLIFICATION, evidence. A perfect copy of a record, or office book lawfully kept, so far as relates to the matter in question. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3107. Vide, generally, 1 Stark. Ev. 151; 1 Phil. Ev. 307; 7 Cranch, 481; 3 Wheat. 234; 10 Wheat. 469; 9 Cranch, 122; 2 Yeates, 532; 1 Hayw. 359; 1 John. Cas. 238. As to the mode of authenticating records of other states, see articles Authentication, and Evidence.

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As it was indicated previously, that IPTEACES framework is divided into eight stages, namely, Involvement, Preparation, Transmission, Exemplification and Demonstration, Application and Transfer, Connection, Evaluation and Simulation.
Hypothesis 6: Exemplification culture moderates the relationships between exemplification usage and (a) job satisfaction, (b) burnout, and (c) job strain such that the best outcomes occur when there is a match (high-high or low-low) between exemplification usage and exemplification culture.
In place of monotheisms claim that "the outpouring of Being by way of its exemplification in ordinary existents is for the sake of the self-disclosure of Being to us," Johnston claims that it is simply "for the sake of the self-disclosure of Being" (157).
The reader of these essays experiences the vertiginous pleasures of moving between Scottish (and other) nosologies and the tautologies that compelled Wordsworth and continue to ensnare his readers (Goodman) and the uneasy eye cast by the British government on the United Irishmen, recognizing in the archive of spies' reports that to more literal minds might seem to explain unrest, rather an exemplification of the collective paranoia they sought to combat (Burgess).
Such clarifying exemplification, even of the most complex issues, is the hallmark of this volume.
For exemplification the category of sport products has been chosen.
The administration of this empire and the destinies of its administrators are unusually well documented for the time period under consideration, but the immediate dynamics surrounding these historical facts--the plot as distinct from the players--are often difficult to discern, so that the study is marked by a plethora of exemplification from which it is hard for the reader, as it must have been for the author, to rise to a higher level of abstraction and formulate more encompassing hypotheses and theory.
The strength of his work is its exemplification of the way the cross-centered language of faith has created the "poetry of creation and redemption stretching from Genesis through the works of Toni Morrison.
Perhaps surprisingly, we do not find a lot of bathos in Carlin, but here is an example that lacks the possibly psychological function of a Woody Allen exemplification but does demonstrate Carlin's expected irreverence:
Look at the examples of using ICT in English, at exemplification of planning from the Framework, at schemes and lesson approaches arising out of the Study Plus pilot.
Australia, Strong suggests, was the most important early exemplification of this new paradigm.
Furthermore, I wonder if we might characterize the ACCUTE dance as both an exemplification of the politics of hope as a shared value of the association and simultaneously a potentially ideologically problematic morale-booster.