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EXEMPTS. Persons who are not bound by law, but excused from the performance of duties imposed upon others.
     2. By the Act of Congress of May 8, 1792, 1 Story, L. U. S. 252, it is provided, Sec. 2. That the vice-president of the United States the officers, judicial and executive, of the government of the United States; the members of both houses of congress, and their respective officers; all custom-house officers, with their clerks; all post officers, and stage drivers, who are employed in the care and conveyance of the mail of the post office of the United States; all ferrymen employed at any ferry on the post road; all inspectors of exports; all pilots; all mariners, actually employed in the sea service of any citizen or merchant within the United States; and all persons who now are, or may hereafter be, exempted by the laws of the respective states, Shall be, and are hereby, exempted from militia duty, notwithstanding their being above the age of eighteen, and under the age of forty-five years.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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22, 1986 (the date the TRA '86 was enacted).TRA '86 Section 1433(b)(2), however, exempts transfers by certain trusts from GSTT.
Here's a formula to determine whether major legislation being considered by Congress is really good for America: If Congress is covered by the law, it may be OK; if Congress exempts itself, the legislation is probably bad news.
[section] 1.6041-3(d) currently exempts payments for "telephone" charges from information reporting, but it is not clear what the basis of the exemption is or whether it would survive SINC.
In New York City, a city law exempts these units from the ETPA.
Virginia exempts from sales tax "services not involving an exchange of tangible personal property which provide access to or use of the international network of computer systems commonly known as the Internet and any other related electronic communication service, including software, data, content and other information services delivered electronically via the Internet"; see VA Code Ann.
2004-68 provides new guidance on transactions exempt from reporting under this category and specifically exempts the following four types:
274(e)(2) exempts expenses treated as compensation.
If the Code exempts the individual from FICA, no further determination is necessary.
508 implications of SMLLCs formed by exempts, and there is a question as to whether such LLCs should file their own exemption applications.
457(a) plans), except those specifically exempted. ERISA Section 4(b)(2) exempts "church plans" from Title I.
1.163(j)-10 exempts interest on certain fixed-term obligations outstanding on July 10, 1989, in accordance with Sec.
Civic Research Institute (CRI; Kingston, NJ) has begun the publication of Exempt Organizations Report, a newsletter that will be produced six times a year for professionals involved in the operation of tax-exempt organizations.