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Atendiendo a esta limitacion, Terry, Szabo y Griffiths (2004) desarrollaron el Exercise Addiction Inventory (EAI), una herramienta que permitia medir la adiccion al ejercicio de forma breve y practica.
Prevalence of exercise addiction and other behavioral addictions among clients of a Parisian fitness room.
Prevalence estimates of exercise addiction in the population vary considerably from 2% to approximately 40% (Griffiths, Szabo, & Terry, 2005; Lejoyeux, Avril, Richoux, Embouazza, & Nivoli, 2008; Symons-Downs, Hausenblas, & Nigg, 2004; Szabo, & Griffiths, 2007).
A student struggling with exercise addiction may (Allegre, Souville, Therme, & Griffiths, 2006; Draeger, 2005):
We have heard testimony from sufferers of both eating disorders and exercise addiction, as well as comments from those in the health care sector.
From her super-exclusive clinic nestling in the hills above Malibu, Carolyn helps patients battle anorexia, bulimia and exercise addiction.
Richard Benyo, writing on the subject of exercise addiction for the Road Runners Club of America says that there is a negative side to exercise that gradually, insidiously, takes over the positive.
In the height of my compulsive exercise addiction, I painstakingly scheduled business meetings and personal vacations around my running regimen.
Dr Ian Cockerill, sport psychologist at Birmingham University who specialises in body image and exercise addiction, said: "Most men look at magazines, wish they could look like the men in it but do very little about it.
Therefore, the examination of the effects of exercise deprivation was most often secondary to the analysis of issues related to exercise addiction.
Exercise addiction in women may be linked to manic personalities, according to new research.