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EXIGENT, or EXIGI FACIAS, practice. A writ issued in the course of proceedings to outlawry, deriving its name and application from the mandatory words found therein, signifying, "that you cause to be exacted or required; and it is that proceeding in an outlawry which, with the writ of proclamation, issued at the same time, immediately precedes the writ of capias utlagatum. 2 Virg. Cas. 244.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Since the officers "could have checked [the wife's] condition without entering the home," the court dismissed their exigent circumstances argument.
If officers hear sounds of violence or fighting at the scene of an anonymous report of a disturbance, most courts will find probable cause or reasonable grounds to believe that exigent circumstances exist.
La Norvege, la Suede et le Danemark exigent maintenant un remboursement, partiel pour la premiere et integral pour les autres, des sommes versees.
Absent probable cause and a warrant, or consent or exigent circumstances, such governmental conduct is prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.
In an effort to improve the way data is used for corporate decision-making, the BMCP fund has been established by a seasoned group of legal strategists, data technologists, information architects and VC experts, including CEO David Holme, who, together with Nicola Stott, founded Exigent, a global alternative legal services provider, over 15 years ago.
Martin and Anthony Rex Gabbert agreed with his position, concluding that "although exigent circumstances may sometimes justify a warrantless blood draw, the state did not present any evidence that exigent circumstances were present here."
Pour sa part, l'universitaire Mohand Arezki Lakabi a evoque une "revolution d'initiatives citoyennes qui exigent un changement rapide, profond, ordonne et pacifique auxquelles il faudrait apporter des reponses claires".
Four justices dissented on exigent circumstances, while two said neither good faith nor exigency saved the search from being a Fourth Amendment violation.
Talking to media persons and different delegations at PTI secretariat the provincial minister said that government was taking exigent steps for lessening the deprivation and exploitation of the middle and lower class people.
Where a criminal defendant challenged actions taken by law enforcement, the use of real-time cellphone site location information ("CSLI") was reasonable because of exigent circumstances, and a delay in presentment was justified by the defendant's consent.