EXILIUM. By this term is understood that kind of waste which either drove away the inhabitants into a species of exile, or had a tendency to do so; as the prostrating or extirpating of trees in an orchard or avenue, or about any house. Bac. Ab. Waste, A; Bract. lib. 4, c. 18, s. 13; 1 Reeves' Hist. Law, 386.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nevertheless, Calimani concludes that in the wound created by the historical "exilium" also lies the possibility of resistance through remembrance.
from Jean Grand-Maitre's Exilium, danced exquisitely by Ingrid
(28) It should be noted that the words exilium and exul were not used lightly in the Latin language and rarely in a transferred sense and then only of inanimate things and animals.
non magis sua oratione Thraseam quam iudicio senatus adflictum; saevitiam Neronis per eius modi imagines inlusisse nec minus sibi anxiam talem amicitiam quam aliis exilium. den ique constantia fortitudine Catonibus et Brutis aequaretur Helvidius: se unum esse ex illo senatu, qui simul servierit .
Up to that point, and from his early youth, Albert Szenci Molnar was, despite his four returns to Transylvania, in voluntarium exilium. As a young man abroad, he had a curious dream.
Jahren / eines furnehmen Manns Tochter von Stewer / aus dem Lande ob der EnB / Namens Susanna Rugerin / so des heiligen Evangelii wegen ins Exilium und sich daselbsten in Diensten auffhalten mussen / begeben / wie sie unterschiedliche Visiones oder Gottliche Erscheinungen gehabt / dadurch jhr viel heimliche und Herrliche Ding geoffenbaret worden.
14 The original read: "Item firmarii tempore firmarum suarum vastum, venditionem, vel exilium non facient de domibus, boscis, vel hominibus, nec de aliquibus ad tenementa quae ad firmam habent spectantibus."
And he spells this out in the second section of his Res Gestae: |Qui parentem meum trucidaverunt, eos in exilium expuli iudiciis legitimis ultus eorum facinus.' The great avenger was Augustus and revenge was one of the planks of his platform.
(3) In his early-16th-century encyclopedic Officina, under the heading "In exilium missi," Jean Tixier de Ravisy (Johannes Ravisius Textor) collected a number of names of prominent Athenians exiled for dissenting with the local authorities.
(31.) Ibid., 1:365: "Scipioni honores & dignitates ultro offerebantur, Caesar per vim & ambitum auferebat...Scipio ne libertati patrie officeret sponte in exilium feccessit, Caesar ut libertatem eriperet praestantissimos dyes exulare coegit." I am grateful to James Hankins for the translation of this passage.
Victor, and his Didascalicon: "The man who finds his homeland sweet is still a tender beginner; he to whom every soil is as has native one is already strong; but he is perfect to whom the entire world is as a foreign land [perfectus vero cui mundus totus exilium est]."(7)
Non a caso, sradicamento ed esilio costituiscono, tra gli altri, due elementi della genesi della letteratura italiana (2)--"exilium quasi extra solum" secondo Isidoro di Siviglia (V, XXVII, 28)--; essa, difatti, nasce all'insegna della "mobilita" e dell'"erranza":