existing conditions

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Scalable from site to city, and with precision limited only by the quantity and quality of photography, Acute3D technology can assure that existing conditions are contemporaneously considered throughout the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations of any infrastructure asset.
To satisfy cost constraints, HDI reused many existing conditions, such as the 14' flat plaster ceilings, some perimeter walls and mirrored columns.
Creating an LMP usually begins with a site analysis and an inventory of existing conditions. These include an evaluation of campus assets and liabilities, defining future needs, establishing long- and short-term objectives, and proposing a timetable for completion of each phase of the program.
Following a labor-intensive lot-by-lot analysis of existing buildings in the area, City Planning proposes to rezone neighborhoods with new designations that most closely match the existing conditions. In many of the areas to be rezoned, new townhouse development would be prohibited.
"Although we couldn't be more pleased with HDI's prototype, we couldn't apply many of the wonderful details in NYC due to time constraints and existing conditions, such as lower ceiling heights," says Raymond Gindi, chief operating officer of Century 21.
In just four weeks the 25,000 SF space went from existing conditions that our client originally felt were unsafe and unsightly into a truly neat looking sophisticated open environment that 125 Bank employees are glad to be in.
The purpose of this assignment was to evaluate existing conditions and determine the cost of improvements necessary to maintain and further enhance rental rates.
Whether the job entails installing new windows, replacing HVAC systems, improving lighting efficiency or adding a mezzanine floor, a detailed audit and existing conditions survey should be undertaken to establish and confirm the existing situation.
It enables professionals managing a single property, a campus, or a diverse portfolio of buildings sprawled across a city, a region, or the globe, to examine current space usage, to analyze and forecast space needs, to compare proposed layouts based on adjacencies against existing conditions, and to allocate space based on business goals.
You roll up your sleeves, research the existing conditions and potential solutions, prioritize the "shopping list" with the owner and agent, and pursue creative value engineering solutions.
That is why it is crucial to define the program up front and to have an existing conditions survey done to eliminate any potential surprises
Conduct Existing Conditions Report of land-Use and Facilities