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When the unitary impacts of exogenous variables in the probit model in the first step were examined4; the margarine and vegetable oil and other edible oil consumption probabilities in families whose household head is married are higher than those of the families whose household head is not married.
practice) was analysed, yet no direct effect of the exogenous variables on the endogenous variable was found.
This section provides a brief overview of the traditional GARCH and TARCH models, as well as these models using range-based volatility as an exogenous variable.
The assumption of multivariate normality, however, can often be relaxed, in particular for exogenous variables.
Constant term and debt is considered as exogenous variable.
Exogenous variables are Unsafe Driving, Fatigue Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances/Alcohol, and Vehicle Maintenance.
TAM contends that PU, PEU, and subjective norm are exogenous variables that affect behavioral intention to use.
Comparative statics for five exogenous variables are conducted as follows:
Drawing on the discussion in this article, three principal conditions can be identified: (1) unilateral leadership from the United States or China; (2) coalition leadership from the BRICS; and (3) an exogenous variable to shift the behavior of the United States, China, or the BRICS.
Table 6 presents the results of one, two, and three-month ahead forecasts of the futures price using a VAR model with the stocks as an exogenous variable.
Similarly, a NARX model with p = 0 and q = 0 will imply a model in which the output variable at a given time depends only on the current value of the exogenous variable at the same time.