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Since man is a rational animal, the resistance to reason must itself be expressed in reasoning and rational terms--hence, the need for exotericism, for a rational doctrine that closes down excessive reasoning and brings it to a halt in dogma or belief.
For Strauss's critics, the argument over the exotericism thesis is difficult to merely circumvent.
This purpose is analogous to a feature of Strauss's exotericism first noted by Robert McShea:
those who, for reasons of an esoteric or initiatory nature, are led to adopt a traditional form other than that to which they have been affiliated by their origin, whether because the latter gives them no possibility of this kind, or whether only because the other, even in its exotericism, supplies a basis that is more appropriate to their nature and, as a result, more favourable for their spiritual labour.
30) Rosen and Strauss are surely in agreement about the occasional need for philosophers to exercise caution in their public speech, (31) but in Rosen's understanding of the nature of philosophy, the fundamental, permanent Straussian reason for philosophic exotericism is missing.