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New Delhi, [India] July 17 ( ANI ): Google on Tuesday created a special doodle and marked the 124th birth anniversary of Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre, the man who divulged the truth behind the expanding universe.
It deserves emphasizing that even the recent Nobel Prize winners of the acceleratively expanding universe paradigm have encouraged theoreticians to explain the physical nature of these hitherto largely hypothetical subjects.
But as demonstrated by Expanding Universe: Photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope, it might be time to reconsider our relationship with secondary effects, at least those produced during the practice of astronomy.
A novel solution to Einstein's equations for gravity permits the existence of negative mass in a rapidly expanding universe like our own, physicists Manu Paranjape of the University of Montreal and Saoussen Mbarek, now at the University of Waterloo in Canada, report November 14 in Physical Review D.
Putting customers first means offering Optik TV customers an ever expanding universe of great content choices, said Blair Miller, vice-president, Content at TELUS.
The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code represents one way in which the achievement of men and women--hundreds of ASME volunteers--impact a shrinking world in an expanding universe. Finding more creative solutions to make people's lives easier is another.
Consider an expanding luminous world, or an expanding universe, with a constant expansion rate [H.sub.0].
With a nearly ubiquitous Internet beaming all the world's knowledge to an expanding universe of mobile devices, the ability to learn and retain information is becoming a smaller and smaller piece of the educational pie.
The site's developer states: entrepreneurs who wish to become a part of this ever expanding universe of special people get started by contacting www.Moneywisecom.com or by calling 503 583-0734.
25 October 2013 -- New York-based financial information provider S&P Capital IQ said it has passed the fifth anniversary of the launch of its holdings-based equity exchange-traded fund research product created to help advisors and their clients more effectively navigate the rapidly expanding universe of ETFs.
Origins of the expanding universe; 1912--1932; proceedings.
The [LAMBDA]CDM model with [H.sub.0] = 72.6 km [s.sup.-1] [Mpc.sup.-1], [[OMEGA].sub.M] = 0.266, [[OMEGA].sub.[LAMBDA]] = 0.732, and k = 0, for example, leads to a mathematically correct solution for the evolution of an expanding universe; the universe has expanded from its beginning to the present time to an extent of about [D.sub.C] = 46 billion light years.