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For the expanding universe classes that we considered, there was no solution such that the simulated galactic density curve matched the galactic density curve of the survey.
Like The Expanding Universe, it was created in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis and was almost certainly influenced by that event.
In the tired-light cosmology where redshifts are explained by a decay of the photon energy, the following equation replaces the cosmological redshift equation of the expanding Universe theory:
Then the need arises to analyse black holes in the expanding universe, with the view to checking if that expansion affects black hole characteristics.
It has been known for decades that in the expanding universe the farther away an object is, the faster it is receding from us.
How can galactic collisions occur in an expanding universe, where galaxies should be moving away from each other?
Other topics include falsification of the expanding universe model, large-scale self-similar skeletal structures, and globular clusters as a test for gravity in the weak acceleration regime.
I believe that the current theory of an expanding universe is also incorrect, that the red shift of galaxies are a reflection of our Galaxy's decelerating motion as it travels through space, and that the red shift of quasars are a reflection of the six-day expansion.
Situated in the mountains above Pasadena, the Mount Wilson Observatory houses the famed 100-inch Hooker Telescope, which Edwin Hubble used to discover the expanding universe.
With the number of wine blogs on the Internet having expanded to upwards of 700-plus, the American Wine Blog Awards provides a glimpse into the best of the best of an expanding universe of wine information on the web.
From this relationship, the equation of the propagation of light in an expanding Universe is derived.
This redshift occurs because an expanding universe carries the quasars away from us, thus making the light from them appear redder (hence the term), and also making the time variations appear to occur more slowly.