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The transversal expansion and cephalocaudad expansion groups were similar with regard to maternal age (mean 32 years), gestational age at admission (mean 38 weeks), body mass index (27 kg/[m.sup.2]), and indications for surgery (62 vs.
The new technology allowed the expansion signature of silica sand to be measured more accurately than before.
The renovation and expansion also is set to focus on consolidating the number of public entrances into the building, expansions for the hospital's Heart-Lung Center and further expansions for surgical and endoscopy facilities.
Kaneka is planning further expansion of its CoQ10 production capacity in both of its U.S.
"Higher volume, plus the expansion of our precious metals processing capabilities, prompted our decision to expand the Worcester operation.
Previous Hubble studies had found that dark energy 5 billion years ago won the cosmic tug of war, turning the overall gravitational force from a pull to a push and revving up the universe's expansion. The new Hubble observations, which reveal dark energy when gravity's tug still dominated, could begin to constrain theories about the origin of this mysterious substance, says Riess.
The expansion plans received a big boost with the arrival of a combined $700,000 in government money from FedNor and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, along with a $120,000 contribution from Seguin Township and the Town of Parry Sound.
economic prosperity depends on the canal's expansion. Sabonge says, "Countries like the United States grew under the canal's shadow, which allowed it to import and export products at very competitive prices."
MYTH 1: "I Don't Have the Money to Fund the Expansion." Many small businesses believe they can't go global because they don't have access to the necessary funds and resources.
Such expansion occurs in three forms: the addition of traditional outlets of the network (franchisee and franchisor owned) in markets in which franchisees operate; nontraditional outlets such as those outlets located on a military base, college campus, interstate highway or in a co-branded facility that may draw business from traditional outlets of the network; and the sale of the franchisor's product or service in a different distribution channel such as the Internet.
The SMART Pen Tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser, and it incorporates a newly designed help button and hardware expansion slot.
One of the principal strategies for the 2004 Market Expansion Campaign was to seek partnerships to help Christmas Tree farmers and retailers take advantage of the opportunities for movie promotion.