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Alike in its origin, its development, and its highest point of efficiency and expansion, the telephone is as essentially American as the Declaration of Independence or the monument on Bunker Hill.
Going forward, the two companies will continue to cooperate in future expansions of the DBNGP.
The New York program is similar to the HIFA initiative because it uses savings from a more flexible package to help finance further coverage expansions.
Expansions account for many of the criteria on the scorecard.
By the spring of 1997, after two expansions to increase production capacity and improve control of the shell room environment, and after being spun out by Magalloy, which had been bought by Wescast Industries, Inc.
Those other cities, which include New Orleans, Las Vegas and Orlando, have undertaken ambitious expansions of their own, placing New York only sixth among convention sites nationwide.
As is usually the case in economic expansions, higher levels of household debt have helped finance increased activity.
This rest period produced more uniform expansions of the compound during ensuing analysis.