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EXPECTATION. That which may be expected, although contingent. In the doctrine of life annuities, that share or number of the years of human life which a person of a given age may expect to live, upon an equality of chances.
     2. In general, the heir apparent will be relieved from a contract made in relation to his expectancy. See Post Obit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Median home price change expectations remained unchanged at 3.0% for the seventh consecutive month.
Rapidly growing evidence shows that, far from being random noise, measured expectations are highly consistent across surveys that are conducted with different methodologies and using somewhat different questions.
Prior to the financial crisis, researchers found that the level and volatility of inflation expectations decreased dramatically from 1981:Q3 to 2008:Q2, suggesting investors' inflation expectations were well anchored (Clark and Davig 2011).
However, despite abundant anecdotes and theories suggesting a causal effect of teachers' expectations on student outcomes, documenting its presence and size has been challenging.
The satisfaction of patients from prosthodontic treatment may be dependent upon an interaction of the chosen modality of treatment, previous experiences and psychological well-being.1,2 Another critically important factor is the expectations of the patients at the start of a chosen treatment or treatment plan.3 This pre-treatment level of expectations is generally higher with conventional prosthodontic modalities, which often lead to dissatisfaction of the patients during the post-treatment phase.2
The decline in expectations began at about the same time as a sharp drop in gasoline prices, and many have drawn a connection between these movements.
Finally, we look at a few market and model-based expectations of long-term inflation--the 10-year TIPS breakeven inflation rate, the 10-year inflation swap rate, and the 10-year inflation expectation from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland model, which incorporates market and survey data and is able to separate the expectation from an inflation risk premium component, which is likely to contaminate the market-based measures.
Unrealistic expectations may be reflected in GenZ spending.
Parental expectations can be tough on a child as well as on a school.
Survey data on expectations have generally been found to improve the fit of economic models, suggesting that they might better approximate the way agents actually form expectations (Roberts 1995; Coibion et al.
"Inflation expectations are a key issue for monetary policy at the moment.
Well-anchored inflation expectations help us to achieve these goals, promoting both price stability and macro-economic stability.