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National Instrument equipment is successfully used in the SevSU experimental basin during the experimental research of wave impacts and shock loads on the physical models of ocean engineering structures.
Moving beyond experimental research, three papers discuss non-experimental and 'mixed' methods: Rajeev Dehejia provides a synthesis of non-experimental methods and compares them with experimental methods in terms of internal and external validity; Michael Bratton explores what can and cannot be learned from public opinion surveys and how experiments may complement survey-based approaches, drawing in particular on analysis of the Afrobarometer surveys; and Kate Baldwin and Rikhil Bhavnani explore what has been and can be learned from 'ancillary' experiments, which use existing experimental data along with newly-collected data to address new research questions.
Considering this manner to achieve the development of the feet strength with significant effects in the increase of height jumps and of speed in movement, I have considered useful and necessary an experimental research focused on the topic of the "effects of using plyometric training in the classes of physical education of intermediate level".
based on the analysis and assessment of the results of experimental research to suggest the geotextile selection method for the fulfilment of the function of separating aggregate layers of the Lithuanian road and street pavement structures;
Experimental research is performed executing four series of measurements (m = 4) and six measurements in one series (n = 6).
Experimental research of this sort seeks what Taylor (4) calls the completely objective "brute fact" that experimental evidence supports and that cannot be disputed.
Further experimental research comparing order of difficulty is recommended.
Martin (North Carolina State University) begins this 36 lecture series (30 minutes per lecture) with an introduction to modern psychology within an historical context, then goes on to survey experimental research methods, nonexperimental research methods, trace the evolutionary theory with respect to modern psychology, descriptive present the contributions of Sigmund Freud, psychoanalytic theory, the classifications of mental illness, anxiety and mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, therapies, psychoactive drugs, social psychology, learning, memory, perception, and so much more.
Papers in this issue cover theoretical, computational, and experimental research on all aspects of Fast Ignition; the next generation of facilities that will provide critical data; and the associated science and technology of high-energy, short-pulse lasers, heavy ion beams, target fabrication, and diagnostics.
The failure to recognize effective communication is surprising given that a great deal of experimental research has demonstrated that, with appropriate rewards, the content, form, amount and timeliness of communication can be altered to suit any model considered to be a desirable way of sharing information.
Basic theoretical and experimental research by several scientists, including Albert Einstein, led physicists to recognize subatomic torque roughly a century ago, notes Mark Covington of Seagate Research in Pittsburgh.
While some of the material on charter schools and vouchers will be familiar, it's convenient to have these multifaceted offerings, which include everything from experimental research to first-person accounts, between two covers.

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