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It generates excitement and curiosity in science by letting them explore experimental science for themselves with the help of expert mentors.
In this article, De Koninck argues, following Aristotle, that the philosophy of nature and experimental science are parts of one science of nature.
In their paper, Randolph and colleagues wrote that media coverage of this issue 'continues to far outweigh any meaningful results from sound experimental science, and a definitive epidemiological study still has yet to be done'.
The annual International Olympiads provide pre-university science students from around the world an opportunity to compete in solving challenging theoretical and experimental science problems that only the most talented youth of their age can answer.
They are present in more subtle ways than popular conceptions of racism would seem to allow, and Beattie says we can measure them today with experimental science.
How do we teach such a fundamental concept of experimental science to our students when it may challenge the way they have learned to learn?
So we come to the heart of the book: can experimental science help identify policies whose benefits will outweigh their costs?
From another, the unruly spirits were those of the psychical researchers, who embraced experimental science and a naturalistic worldview, bur could not accept that mind was reducible to matter: they tried to turn the seance-room into a laboratory, but were ultimately unable to control for their own subjectivity.
It is Raymond's contention that angels were not merely a residual presence in early modem England; far from weakening belief in angels, reformed doctrine and the rise of experimental science revitalized angelology.
Apart from becoming the backbone of experimental science, the "laboratory" created its own aesthetic, also rooted in chemistry.
Whether it is a breakthrough in experimental science, or an invention that makes new things possible, or a project that leads us to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of our society, research is the key to the UK's growth, prosperity and well-being.
Clegg credits Bacon as being the first true scientist, moving science away from its former discipline, philosophy, and separating observational philosophy from experimental science.

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