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EXPIRATION. Cessation; end. As, the expiration of, a lease, of a contract, or statute.
     2. In general, the expiration of a contract puts an end to all the engagements of the parties, except to those which arise from the non- fulfillment of obligations created during its existence. For example, the expiration of a partnership so dissolves it, that the parties cannot in general create any new liability, but it still subsists, to enable the parties to fulfill engagements in which the partners have engaged, or to compel others to perform their obligations towards them. See Dissolution; Contracts.
     3. When a statute is limited as to time, it expires by mere lapse of time, and then it has no force whatever; and, if such a statute repealed or supplied a former statute, the first statute is, i so facto, revived by the expiration of the repealing statute; 6 Whart. 294; 1 Bland, R. 664 unless it appear that such was not the intention of the legislature. 3 East, 212 Bac. Ab. Statute, D.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Much of what we know about drug expiration dates comes from the Shelf Life Extension Program, an initiative between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the military, Faced with the prospect of tossing away a large and expensive stockpile of drugs every few years, the military asked the FDA to evaluate the true shelf life of many medications.
They redacted account numbers in order to comply with FACTA but mistakenly left expiration dates in place.
In most cases, the forms are revised well in advance of the OMB expiration date. When the form is sent to print with the revised expiration date, the outdated form is taken out of the distribution cycle and replaced with the new form.
As of the expiration date, the company had received basic subscriptions and over-subscriptions for a total of 4,023,779 shares, exceeding the 3,581,148 shares offered in the rights offering, subject to adjustment upon expiration of the guaranteed delivery period.
BUT needed to warn moms (and dads)- check the expiration date of all medicine.
PMM has accepted for payment, at a price equal to 89.75% of the liquidation preference of USD 50,000 per share (or USD 44,875.00 per share), plus any unpaid dividends accrued through the expiration date of the issuer tender offers, 473 Series C ARPS.
Since the cranberry sauce wasn't bought at the store, it doesn't have an expiration date on it.
85, which would make designating expiration dates, deducting service charges or dormancy charges for gift cards an unfair or deceptive act or practice under the Federal Trade Commission Act.
Credits: 1.00 ACPE#: 372-000-05-014- H04 Expiration date: 12/18/2008 Supported by FlavorRx
Although a letter of credit may be irrevocable, it will contain an expiration date, after which it will not be honored by the bank.
The Walt Disney Company (DIS) announces the extension of the expiration date of the offers to exchange any and all outstanding notes issued by 21st Century Fox America (FOX, FOXA) for up to $18,128,740,000 aggregate principal amount of new notes to be issued by TWDC Holdco 613 Corp.