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That machine could allow expert listeners to distinguish between the compact "boom" of an exploding bomb and the less spontaneous noise of mechanical failure.
The silence is as shocking as the sound of an exploding bomb in Centennial Olympic Park at 1.
October 17: A service of remembrance will be held in memory of seven members of an army bomb disposal squad killed by an exploding bomb on Whitley Common in October 1940.
Got him: Police swoop to drag British-based terror suspect Umar Mutallab from plane after he was stopped from exploding bomb above Detroit True grit: Hero Jasper Schuringa saved lives of 289 crew and passengers
In Aden, he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry under enemy fire and later suffered a burst ear-drum standing too close to an exploding bomb.
I could have gotten a job in TV and been bored to tears,'' said former cameraman Doug Wood, who flew directly over an exploding bomb in 1951 - only to have his protective goggles fall apart a minute before blast.
This is what my youngest daughter asked during the first rehearsed reading of One Night in November, when the sound effects of an exploding bomb filled the air.
One tends to think of war pictures as grainy monochrome snatches of microseconds frozen in time: the exploding bomb, the tumbling building, the injured, the dying.
The 65-year-old retired support worker, of Attleborough near Nuneaton, said the shape reminded her of an exploding bomb and scared her when she saw it.
I was trained in making and exploding bombs and using weapons,' he said.
Was it the announcement of another Royal Wedding, the dynamics of Brexit, or lunatics exploding bombs to further their cause?
Four soldiers conducting clearing operations in areas where fighting between government troops and terrorists happened in this city were wounded by exploding bombs, military reports said.