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In summary, the early evidence indicates that the concurrent research approach we have established at Intel, combined with the Open Collaborative Agreement that governs our network of labs, is a viable model for conducting exploratory research.
The grant will enable around 80 students to pursue exploratory research at the institute.
BAA 09-101 for exploratory research in nuclear detection technology.
Exploratory research consists of a rail exploratory initiative, which will investigate the application of IntelliDrive technologies within the rail environment, and an exploratory research solicitation through which USDOT will work with the research community to identify other promising technologies and applications.
Indeed, in the twelve focus group interviews included in the exploratory research conducted by [3], respondents gave several illustrations of instances when they were satisfied with a specific service but did not feel the service firm was of high quality.
Replication studies enable confirmation of high potential exploratory research results, providing a strategy for identifying robust reproducible results that can be effectively built upon to accelerate prostate cancer research," stated Elizabeth Iorns, PhD, CEO, Science Exchange.
The exploratory research has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of osteoarthritis, which causes pain and disability to as many as eight million people in the UK.
Exploratory research could revolutionise the treatment of the condition which causes pain and disability to eight million people in the UK.
The Centre will also carry out blue sky and exploratory research including research into commercial arrangements supporting lean project production, integrated project design and production processes, the management of complex or multiple projects, or making the cultural shift to 'lean' in project-based organisations.
IBM said its inventiveness stems from the company's long-term commitment to development and "bold, exploratory research.

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