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Exploratory research is one of the most common types of research used at the early stage of the investigative process.
For some national markets with high market growth it is useful to go through the exploratory research assuming the shorter period for collecting useful data.
Tyl argues that weight-of-evidence evaluations have consistently concluded that low-level oral BPA exposures do not adversely affect human developmental or reproductive health endpoints, but she also recommends increasing studies to validate "new" end points used in exploratory research.
Under the long-term collaboration, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals or its affiliates and Crucell will jointly work to discover and develop a universal flu vaccine, as well as antibody and/or vaccine products against three additional infectious or non-infectious disease targets to be selected after exploratory research.
Using fruit flies removes the need for mice to be used in exploratory research and speculative drug testing.
Eckerle, Rowan, and Watson discuss exploratory research that demonstrates that some writing centers are already using the Statement.
Perhaps it is time to reconsider how best to support meaningful innovation and to invest in the innovative thinking that exploratory research in industry can bring.
These will tackle questions generated by exploratory research, using focus groups of both high school and college faculty and first-year college students, as well as key informant interviews.
Sarah Howell, spokeswoman for BP America, a major player in Gulf gas exploration, says about the tracts that will become available: "Like every other commercial opportunity, we will do the necessary exploratory research to determine if they will complement our portfolio.
However, the purpose of the study is to conduct exploratory research, not to investigate particular companies.

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