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That's why we chose the network television industry as a model for content and also why we created a mechanism, Net Explorers, that would directly involve the internet community in the determination of what exactly should be considered family-friendly.
The first project in the series is Blue Ice: Focus on Antarctica an Internet discovery learning program that connects children to scientists, writers, and explorers as they explore the vast and fascinating continent of Antarctica.
The New Explorers is co-produced by CBS newsman Bill Kurtis' Kurtis Productions and WTTW, the PBS affiliate in Chicago.
That kind of talk is music to the ears of Stratford and Ruth Logan, Aviation Explorer Post 747 lead adviser.
where the explorers turned around to head for home.
Ford officials say that three years ago, they began to receive anecdotal reports about "tread separation leading to accidents" in Venezuela on Explorers outfitted with Firestone ATX tires.
Also 8,508 Explorers were flown on local orientation flights.
The Explorers Club presented Lowell Thomas Awards today to five scientists, recognizing world-renowned projects to preserve rich biodiversity found in forest treetops.
He also spends up to 12 hours on Saturdays at the Lancaster station, where he is a drill instructor for the 18-week program to train youths to become Explorers.
However, a series of satellites called Explorers long has followed a different budgetary path.
Ford Motor Company should no longer hide its role in the design of the Firestone tires sold as original equipment on Ford Explorers and Mazda Navajos," said Roger S.
The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station Explorers team came home with trophies in three events.