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To appreciate the manner in which exponential growth affects technological strategy, the inevitable starting point is to determine how exponential growth works, and which technologies grow exponentially and which do not.
When the tumor is young, exponential growth dominates.
Under ordinary and favorable circumstances, the number of offspring produced each year tends to be some fixed percentage of the parent population, a relationship that leads to an exponential growth curve for the population.
In addition to experiencing exponential growth in data storage, organizations are also experiencing growth in user demand for that data.
Goldratt will give an analysis of the Consumer Goods market, based on cause and effect logic, and propose an offer on how to achieve exponential growth in this market.
Our exponential growth in activity signifies substantial validation for the firm's activities as a leader in the direct secondary market," said Kenneth Sawyer, managing director of Saints Capital.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The exponential growth of Appellation America in 2006 gave wine lovers and wine industry members a compelling and rich source for information about North America's wines and wine regions unrivaled anywhere else on or off the Internet.
Increasing Demand for High-speed Internet Access Drives Exponential Growth in the Asia Pacific Broadband Remote Access Server Market
Plaxo continues to ride an exponential growth curve, driven by happy users, word-of-mouth, and partnerships.
stated, "As a leader in the industry, we have experienced several years of exponential growth and this acquisition allows us to continue that growth by offering the most innovative and effective features demanded by the market.
The exponential growth of the Simple Star PhotoShow platform demands systems that scale rapidly, dependably and cost-effectively," said Mike Edmunds, Chief Operating Officer for Simple Star.

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