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After the expositions which the trader had previously given of his humane principles, Mr.
A hastily prepared supper was brought in, and Clare made further exposition of his plans.
Everybody was going to the famous Paris Exposition--I, too, was going to the Paris Exposition.
The exposition, rather long and rather empty, that is to say, according to the rules, was simple; and Gringoire, in the candid sanctuary of his own conscience, admired its clearness.
I refer to the address which I delivered at the opening of the Atlanta Cotton states and International Exposition, at Atlanta, Ga.
Everything seemed so simple and clear in Speranski's exposition that Prince Andrew involuntarily agreed with him about everything.
He was not one who required a detailed exposition of intentions that were quite all too obvious.
I am very pleased to have heard what you have said, and I shall repeat it to my friend on the other side, who, I am sure, will be exceedingly obliged to you for such a frank exposition of your views.
Reading the works of men who had arrived, he noted every result achieved by them, and worked out the tricks by which they had been achieved - the tricks of narrative, of exposition, of style, the points of view, the contrasts, the epigrams; and of all these he made lists for study.
This ingenious exposition of "the exhaustive system of reasoning," failed to produce any effect on Lady Lydiard.
A FOOLISH Fellow who had been told that he was a great man believed it, and got himself appointed a Commissioner to the Interasylum Exposition of Preserved Idiots.
exposition of noumena offer a rich field for what Lewes calls "the