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The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the Expressive Writing direct instruction writing curriculum on the expository writing skills of adolescents with EBD in a residential school.
Patchwriting, a method of rewording or restating information from primary sources, gives students opportunities to develop exemplary habits of expository writing.
I have always thought of Mailer as a thematic essayist as I placed his expository writing into categories: Prisms of the Self; Arts and Letters; The Political Arena; Race; Gender; Culture and Counterculture; American Sexuality; The Metaphor of Sport; War and Peace; Crime and Punishment; The Art of Writing; and Cosmology.
HUNTER: I had never taught expository writing before and I'm actually not a good essay writer at all.
6 students were purposefully selected from 18 students in the only English expository writing class that incorporated online peer review in a prestigious university in Mainland China.
For Expository Writing 101 "Lab," a double-length class (160 minutes twice weekly), I have designed an activity for which we use a couple of class meetings simply for reading and writing in silence.
It is this author's point of view that the main peculiarity of the expository writing used in the encyclopedic geme seems to be its stylistic formality, objectivity and impersonality.
However, too much time is spent in expository writing and not enough time in writing details of human evolution.
1), there is considerable emphasis on expository writing in the school system attended by these Californian students.
Pipher explains that she has a particular focus on expository writing, as that is her medium.
Thus, clause structure is a crucial register feature of academic expository writing and must be addressed in order to understand the underlying subtle challenges facing emergent writers.
It's as if it were the queen on her death bed,'' Eric Weinberger, a professor of expository writing at Harvard, said of the attention paid to Rooney's foot of clay.