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The other studies examining ADHD and strategy instruction in writing focused on narrative or expository writing.
After being explicitly instructed in the nuances of expository writing throughout the unit, the students were told to write an expository essay about an imaginary class fund-raiser for an imaginary class field trip.
Better yet, have your students write their own recipes and use them to explain how they made their creations in an expository writing activity
2005) in which WW related strongly to ratings of expository writing when students were given 35 min to write.
They did express apprehension about the types of expository writing most assessed by high-stakes standardized tests.
The Great Book of World War II Airplanes has attracted feverish support from a wide range of airplane and fighting machine fans on account of its large B4 modified format, massive binding, mammoth 632-page format, 24 dynamic gatefold illustrations, beautiful coloring accomplished using special colored inks including silver, exquisitely detailed full-color illustrations, and superb expository writing.
In addition, Sanrio and Hello Kitty will partner with 826DC, the Washington DC chapter of the 826 National network of nonprofit creative writing centers, to promote awareness, develop programming with students, and foster 826's mission of educating students ages 6-18 in creative & expository writing skills.
Bawarshi is director of the Expository Writing Program at the University of Washington.
Steelman Expository Writing Scholarship - Eric LeBlanc, David Robinson.
Expository writing involves highly complex metacognitive skills and cognitive process (Englert & Mariage, 2003).
Although several strategies to develop expository writing were shared, teachers wanted to discuss the patterns they saw in student work.
Lynn decided to start with expository writing by engaging the children in collaborative research on the human body, a topic included in the district's science curriculum.