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were reduced to order that I might see the so much vaunted habitations where I should repose beneath the shade of orange groves" and "be fanned to sleep by silent slaves, or have my feet tickled into extacy by the soft hand of a female attendant," for "[s]uch were the pleasures of the Creole ladies whose time was divided between the bath, the table, the toilette and the lover" (73).
Which when rh'ALMIGHTY heard, from forth his Throne Diviner light flash'd extacy o'er Heaven!
The joy now increases "to a great Degree of Extacy," raising to a "Height that must have been painful." The Captain and his wife look upon the "Lord with Adoration, and [give] way to Raptures that would have forced a Heart the most insensible to the Sensations of others, to partake of theirs" (1: 254-55).