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Desde entao, houve variacoes significativas entre os genotipos no decorrer das epocas de amostragem, observando-se, de maneira geral, os maiores valores para 'Extasy'.
If, as Reynolds argues, 'the utopian/dystopian dialectic running through Ecstasy culture, the way the hunger for heaven-on-earth almost always leads on to a "darkside" place of drug excess and paranoia', (30) is reflected in the music through euphoric rave anthems like Rhythim is Rhythim's 'Strings of Life' and Shades of Rhythm's 'Extasy' on the one hand and dark side, 'panic' tracks such as 4 Hero's 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare' ('I'm sorry Mr Kirk, you'd better come down to the station house, your son is dead; he died of an overdose') and Subnation's 'Scottie' on the other, where might we locate this melancholic turn, and how might it line up with a kind of postmodern left-wing melancholy?
La censura y el conservadurismo del gobierno chino, que prohibe desnudos en el cine y cualquier forma de erotismo abierto, dejan disponible un mercado de millones de chinos que viajaron desde China Continental, ahora que ya pueden, para acudir a ver 3D Sexo y Zen: el extasis extremo (3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Extasy; 2011).
(9.) The eighteenth-century Scottish writer Alexander Gerard, in the Essay on Genius, wrote that in a state of "enthusiastic ardour," "[imagination's] motions became still more impetuous, till the mind is enraptured with the subject, exalted into extasy" (qtd.
Their response here is not thoughtful praise but "extasy" independent of merit or its absence.
Tompkins began his career in A&R working as a scout for Warner Music's Extasy Records and later as an A&R Rep for Columbia Records.
In her excitement over Bassanio's choosing the right casket, she tells "love," in an aside, to be "moderate, allay thy extasy, /In measure rain thy joy, scant this excess!