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One of Shawmut Mill's discontinuous adhesive bonding systems is used allowing for extendability in the finished product.
The extendability of this concept is potentially very powerful.
Additionally, they exhibit the known advantages of the object-oriented approach in general, such as data encapsulation, fine-grained modularity, reusability, and extendability.
an extendability function provided there exists a connectivity function F: R x [0,1] [right arrow] R such that f(x) = F(x, 0) for every x [member of] R (f [member of] Ext);
Haggkvist [11] studied extendability of perfect matchings in graphs with p vertices (p even) satisfying the Ore-type condition that the sum of degrees of any two non-adjacent vertices is at least p +1.
Transactionware's open architecture offers complete integration and extendability.
In general, CSM provides ease of processing, extendability, flexibility in choice of cure systems, and a good balance of heat, oil and abrasion resistance.
This notion of extendability has recently received a wide interest in one form or another, for example in the works of Badescu [2], [3], Bertram, Ein and Lazarsfeld [6], L'vovsky [9], Reid [12], Tendian [16], [17], [18] and Wahl [20].