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Greece, the applicant argued that the absence of any description of the "objective substance" of the offense of proselytism "would tend to make it possible for any kind of religious conversation or communication to be caught by the provision" and that the vague language risked "extendability" by the police and the courts to permissible exercises of religious freedom.
On this basis, demolition should be, if not the last resort, at least a conclusion reached only after thoroughly analysing the possibilities of refurbishment, extendability, or giving new life based on a different sort of use.
Topics of the 37 papers include biographies of Professor Zalcman, a multiplicator problem and characteristics of growth of entire functions, quasinormal families with periodic points, univalent functions starlike and with respect to a boundary point, the Wiman- Valiron theory, holomorphic extendability and the argument principle, entire functions with no unbounded Fatou components, the boundary properties of convex functions, modules of vector measures on the Heisenberg Group, characteristic problems for the spherical mean transform.
"Its superior brand equity, leadership in an on-trend segment and proven extendability will strengthen our presence in the broader snack market," he adds.
Multiple release cycles, no build-up, no transfer, no knit lines and extendability with water are said to be among the benefits of using this product.
Stanzel's model works extremely well for some aspects of narrative and clearly has the advantage of diachronic extendability. For instance, the continuum between the autodiegetic first-person narrator (David Copperfield) and increasingly more marginal first-person narrators (peripheral first-person narrators like Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby) to increasingly prominent authorial narrators as personae on the narratorial level of the fiction makes good sense and tends to render the existential boundary between homodiegetic and heterodiegetic narratives permeable and transgressible.
(A third feature that I have claimed, namely the extendability of meanings via metaphor and neutralization, might not be added to the list of disturbing features; after all, morphemes are well-known to exhibit this same extendability.)
Jamie Zawinski, described as the "gestaltmeister" for the Mozilla open source web browser, believes the modularity and extendability of Mozilla will be its competitive strength.