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"Users should not give in to temptation to use standard domestic extension leads to charge their vehicles outside -- and never daisy-chain them together."
"I'd urge residents to ensure that they always uncoil the extension lead fully, and to purchase extension leads which are the right length for the purpose intended.
The charity Electrical Safety First say you should never plug extension leads into other leads.
It is believed the blaze started due to an electrical fault in an extension lead.
My husband had a fall in Clayton Square when a lady with a dog on an extension lead let her dog roam ahead of her.
An extension lead running from the socket, used to power a cordless phone, appeared to have been cut when the boiler was moved, exposing the live wires to the metal unit.
The growing system, which included lights on timers, fans and carbon filters was being powered through an extension lead from the kitchen, said Mr Grieves-Smith.
It comes with lots of well-thought-out extras, including small Velcro straps, a clamp and an extension lead for when you want to detach the head from the base, a headband so you can use it like a miner's lamp, a storage pouch and an attachment to diffuse the light.
Then between midnight and 6am on Sunday thieves broke into a van parked in Ariel Street and stole three Makita drills, an AEG drill and an extension lead.
And the same month he claimed pounds 75 to have an extension lead fitted and for a new handset so he could watch Sky in his bedroom.