Extenuating Circumstances

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Extenuating Circumstances

Facts surrounding the commission of a crime that work to mitigate or lessen it.

Extenuating circumstances render a crime less evil or reprehensible. They do not lower the degree of an offense, although they might reduce the punishment imposed.

Extenuating circumstances might include extraordinary circumstances, which are unusual factors surrounding an event, such as the very young age of a defendant in a murder case.


Mitigating Circumstances.

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extenuating circumstances

n. surrounding factors (sometimes called mitigation) which make a crime appear less serious, less aggravated, or without criminal intent, and thus warranting a more lenient punishment or lesser charge (manslaughter rather than murder, for example). (See: mitigating circumstances)

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'However for Selangor, we have added a footnote to explain further due to the special and extenuating circumstances surrounding the water supply in Selangor,' Abdul Kadir said.
Because a trip to England is still a necessity, those with extenuating circumstances or without sufficient financial resources will see little practical benefit from this change in English policy.
Also, in having decided to step on the image of Jesus to save some Japanese Christians from torture and death, the young priest likely had a false conscience but a good conscience because of the extraordinary extenuating circumstances that confronted him.
Yes, there are extenuating circumstances - high ticket prices, the location of venues, and protests against the vast cost of the Games at a time of major economic downturn.
Colleges group all crimes together when looking at "extenuating circumstances" surrounding academic results.
An online petition expressed concern that the University of Birmingham did not specifically refer to sex attacks in its list of extenuating circumstances under which extra help would be offered to undergraduates.
There were, however, extenuating circumstances as Sean Levey's partner lost ground at the start and also encountered trouble in running.
"We operate an industry-leading audited appeals process as detailed on the parking charge notice and encourage individuals to appeal if they feel there are extenuating circumstances. To date we have not received an appeal against this parking charge.
Dave Watson of union Unison said: "We will have been involved in many of these either because staff have been poorly treated, their rights are being ignored or other extenuating circumstances."
She repeatedly told tutors at the university, in Bristol, that her performance suffered from "extenuating circumstances".
The defense lawyer said his client suffered mental problems but the jury found no extenuating circumstances.