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The external rotation was then induced by moving the bent leg medially until a firm-elastic resistance to stretching was felt.
as a result of the functional deficiency evaluation the initial values of 8% flexion,11% abduction, internal rotation, external rotation and 8,5% extension were obtained.
None of the study groups showed statistically significant change in internal, external rotation strength after interventions (p>0.
With the arm in 90[degrees] abduction and maximal external rotation the acromion was transferred to humerus below the greater tuberosity and fixed with two or three 4.
Shoulder abduction and external rotation restoration with nerve transfer.
The mechanisms most commonly associated with injury to the PLC include posterolateral forces to the anteromedial thigh, contact and non-contact hyperextension, a valgus force to a flexed knee, and severe tibial external rotation with a flexed knee.
The difference between objective and subjective evaluations of the results of shoulder hemiarthroplasty is explained by the fact that the resulting range of motion after surgery is sufficient for normal activities of daily living because the majority of the activities are carried out at the level of scapula with the abduction of 80 to 90[degrees] and external rotation, while the smallest number of activities is performed at maximum abduction and flexion (180[degrees]) [20].
At 6 weeks postoperatively, shoulder abduction and external rotation were initiated.
Velte, Patrick, and Carl-Christian Freidank (2015), "The Link between In- and External Rotation of the Auditor and the Quality of Financial Accounting and External Audit," European Journal of Law and Economics 40(2): 225-246.
Joint moment f shoulder, elbow, wrist, and racket: (a) extension and flexion; (b) adduction and abduction; (c) external rotation and internal rotation (BS: backswing; ACC: acceleration; FTH: follow-through; IMP: impact).
25 mg/ kg IM), and elastic, therapeutic tape was placed after initial evaluation revealed a 15[degrees] valgus deformity and external rotation of the tibiotarsal-tarsalmetatarsal joint.

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